Friday, April 26, 2013


We've been talking about specific colors all this month in storytime. This week we talked about the color green. We noticed that many kids were wearing green on their shirts (or pants or socks), saw green books on the shelves, and talked about that usually, by this time of the year, the grass is green. Instead, our grass is once again white with snow. *Sigh*


Green by Patricia Stockland
Green: Seeing Green All Around Us by Sarah Schuette
Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Grandpa Green by Lane Smith
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss


I used two different songs this week, depending on the ages of my groups. For younger ones, I used G-R-E-E-N (sung to the tune of BINGO). "There's a color I like to wear and green is its name-o"...

The other song I used is Green, Green, Green - a song I learned from folk singer Ross Sutter that can be used with many colors:
"Green, green, green is the color of my clothing
Green, green, green is everything I wear
I wear green
So I can't be seen
I wear green because I am a hunter."

The tune is here. I usually do this with photo props and try to have the kids guess the last word/occupation in the song, so I usually save this one for somewhat older or more vocal kids.


I debated on the snack, and went back and forth between bringing celery (no PB, of course) or some sort of green candy. I'm too scared of having someone choke to bring grapes. I caved and bought a bag of green candy spearmint leaves (like gumdrops). Half the kids wouldn't even touch them. Guess I should have gotten the celery after all.


 I tried using a paint chip matching activity I had read about on Inner Child Fun, and gave each kid page with four different shades of green on it, and had many different pages with green pictures on the tables to have the kids match colors.
But... the kids didn't really get into it.

So I changed tracks for my other storytime sessions and had kids rip small pieces of green construction paper and glue them as leaves to a page with a bare tree trunk with branches.

Next week: Orange

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