Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thing 4- Flikr

Itty-Bitty Book 52808 004

I set up my very own Flickr account. Just two photos to post, but it's a start. I also played around a bit with our library's account, including lightening some of the photos with Picnik. It's handy to have the photo editing capability right there instead of using a separate program and then uploading.

I've been uploading photos for a few years now, but have used Snapfish and Kodak's EasyShare for the most part. I think I'll continue to use Kodak for my family photos, since I'm familiar with it and the photos are always private. However, for library photos that are mostly going to be viewed online by whomever, Flickr seems the way to go.

Mostly the photos we have been posting for our library are of storytime and other children's activities. And so far no parents have objected to having their child's photo publicly posted online. I think privacy is something that has to be done with a little common sense. We're not going to be able to go around to each person every week and get them to sign a consent form. But if we post the pictures, but leave names and identifying information off, I think that is secure enough for most. Seems to work for the newspapers.

I thought the Clemens and Alcuin libraries had a great idea with their bookshelf photos. It doesn't seem like it would take that much time - at least the online part. Selecting and arranging the books would probably take a bit though. May have to try that soon.

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